MantraPM Release Notes

Beta 2.0 Release Notes

  • UI can show "oops error" message if you have chosen an already taken domain or your email format is incorrect 

  • To automatically display a task as a Deliverable or Milestone in the Project Report - please choose 'MILE' for milestone and 'DEL' for deliverable at the start of task 

  • The tenant admin, who set-up the account in the first place can invite users to the Projects using the "Invite" feature from User Management 

  • If indent and outdent function within Gantt chart displays duplication behaviour for any strange reason then please refresh the window to get back to normal pattern

  • Please watch this space as we are working hard to further provide enhanced features to our MantraPM offering

2.0.1 Release Notes

  • Simplified project resources table

  • Added milestone and deliverables prefix for the demo Gantt data

  • Standardise user management

2.1 Release notes:

  • Kanban board improvements

    • Added comments         

    • Added  attachments

    • Added card creator name

    • Added date and time stamp for the comments

    • Added warning for card and attachment deletion

  • Notifications on task creation, update and delete added to Kanban

  • Duplicating records issue while indent action has been resolved for Gantt chart

2.2 Release notes

  • Added Billing via Stripe service provider 

  • Enhanced User management ​


​2.3 Release notes

  • Included Kanban Progress bar

  • ​Added Project overview 

  • Added Scheduler 

  • Added Plan or a Diagram

  • 2.3.1 - UI updates