A dedicated Project Management Cloud platform - Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

MantraPM is a cloud offering, providing you with a dedicated project management cloud portal that will bring different aspects of day to day management of your projects into a singular dashboard with easy access to all your project information.

Why MantraPM Cloud offering ?

Our Mantra for project management is to provide a repeatable, predefined and standard offering, that significantly reduces the overheads, drives speed with agility for your projects success. We help teams, SMEs and corporations in leveraging benefits of projects by showing value with our MantraPM deployment, irrespective of project management experience. 

MantraPM cloud portal provides users with access to different aspects of Project Management packaged into five standard offerings; Project Plan, Project Report, Project Governance, Project Office and Project Storage.

It is an integrated singular view with a dashboard that provides ready to use, real time data for your projects.

For Corporate
  • A standard, secure and scalable cloud platform with necessary support

  • Mobile first and born on cloud architectural design principles

  • Project information is packaged into a five standard offerings to share and collaborate among everyone in the organisation 

  • Projects organised in a simple, user-friendly manner with multi tenancy 

  • Project management as a service cloud platform, provides you with access to your projects anywhere, anytime

  • Significantly reduces the overheads and drives speed with agility for projects success

  • Will optimise resources in order to drive value for money for project benefits

  • No huge upfront project investments, with simple per user pricing


  • Removes the need of expensive project overheads, saves money and helps businesses to grow

  • Readily built dedicated project management platform for greater chance of business success

  • Simple user-friendly login to project portal from anywhere for better control and visibility

  • Collaborative, real time storage repository for information to share with all stakeholders

  • Irrespective of project management experience, business can benefit from the service

  • Removes complexity from day to day management of projects

  • No huge upfront project spend, with simple per user pricing



“Passion for client success, driven by professional commitment for Project management consulting services for individuals and organisations”


We are addressing a gap in the project management market for a need to have a dedicated offering in helping the business with readily built Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) that can be used anywhere and anytime, hence idea to start MantraPM.

Typically the project information that is employed to asses the progress of the project is very discrete and on several different platforms, resulting in a painful exercise for businesses when trying to realise the value from tools, processes and resources.

MantraPM will address this by providing you with a dedicated project management cloud portal.


Project management is cumbersome and complex, and typically requires huge resources and is expensive for businesses. It often comes with overheads before you realise the value from your projects.  Ours is a Project Management as a Service (PMaaS).

Packaged different aspects of Project Management into five standard offerings.

We will further differentiate by leveraging born on "Cloud and Mobile First " technologies, will allow us to enter the market with more flexible and least cost approach compared to any legacy current providers.


Our Cloud Offering - MantraPM deployment is not meant to replace or compete within Project management software market, rather a differentiator to provide basic project management needs as predefined offering, as a service via our own development and deployment.

Our target market is ranging from industries, SMEs, business owners, PMs and professionals whoever has a need of basic project management.


It’s a Cloud based platform that offers significant savings and drive efficiencies by decreasing the resource overheads.

Hassle free, secure, and always available from anywhere via MantraPM cloud portal enabling access to Projects, Dashboard and Reports.

No expensive licensing: nor heavy investments on people, hardware, and software to deliver different aspects of Project Management.

Reduces Project management overhead with a speed and agility to access Project data to make critical project decision.


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